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Together with many countries around the world, here in Munich at DAOTEY we stand with people from Ukraine and support the country and people in these challenging moments. Being a brand that manufactures artisanal bags & backpacks with respect and hope, and a brand that is inspired by art and design, we feel the importance of spreading awareness and reminding people around the world of the beauty and authentic heritage of Ukrainian arts & design. We are sharing the DAOTEY list of top-5 creatives from Ukraine to inspire our readers and to support Ukrainians.

Over the centuries, Ukrainian folk art and design have evolved. Embroidery, ceramics, wood carving, weaving, pottery, with traditional ornamentation and patterns represent cultural heritage and history. For example, intricate decorative painting ornaments can be found on walls of traditional houses, fabrics, clothing and accessories.  Nowadays designers, artists and architects rethink traditional craftsmanship and create contemporary fashion, sculptures and art that translate national values, culture and beliefs. 

Magical Illustrations by Evgeniia Gapchinska

Evgeniia Gapchinska is a popular Ukrainian artist. Her artwork channels love and peace, which are her main sources of inspiration. She depicts angelic-like characters in a range of contexts be that cooking in a kitchen, performing ballet, flying in the clouds or singing in the moonlight. Above, are Gapchinska’s artwork inspired by Ukrainian folk culture, wearing traditional flower crowns. Flower-woven headpieces are called “vinok” the meaning of which is traced back to Ukraine’s early history, when flower crowns were associated with virginity, marriage and womanhood.

Evgeniia_Gapchinska_1Evgeniia Gapchinska_2

Visit Evgeniia Gapchinska virtual gallery tour here.

Rethinking Ukrainian National Costume Aesthetics by Yulia Magdych

Ukrainian brand Yulia Magdych celebrates the art of embroidery, which was traditionally passed down through generations in Ukrainian families through the female line. Ukrainian embroidery has a variety of ornaments from transverse bands, diamonds, stars, rosettes, stylised images to flowers and birds. The symbolism of embroidery is believed to have power and energy that protects the wearer. The brand rethinks Ukrainian national costume aesthetics by integrating vibrant colours, modern cuts. 


Find out more here.

Speaking of the headpieces… 

Ruslan Baginskiy is a Ukrainian hat designer, who was gaining experience in local artisan workshops, where unique production technologies were preserved, to learn how to handcraft his hats. The brand is inspired by Ukrainian national costumes, art, vintage fashion shootings, and archival family photos. Ruslan experiments with traditional hat shapes to create comfortable, trendy, utilitarian headgear. At DAOTEY we love artisanal hat brands. 


If you are curious to know more about hat brand founders, see DAOTEY blog or find out more about Ruslan Baginskiy hats here.

Vibrant colourful paintings

On the cover of this article is one of Anatoly Kryvolap´s paintings. He is one of the most famous and most expensive contemporary artists in Ukraine. His artworks are vibrant, powerful yet pastoral and meditative. Local and traditional landscapes and scenes of Ukraine such as Kaniv, The Carpathians, are successfully interpreted to foreign audiences through the use of colors and contemporary techniques. 


Discover artwork by Anatoly Kryvolap here. 

What about Ukrainian sculptors? 

Ukrainian sculptor Nazar Bilyk showcases his work all around the world in cities like London, Miami, Geneva, Büdelsdorf, San Martin de Tor, and others. The sculptor explores the relationship between humans and the surrounding world. Nazar is often using bronze, glass, and plastic in his works but the choice of materials is not as important for him as the mastery and the idea itself. The sculptor integrates “counterform” in many of his sculptures, which is referred to as the use of negative space that creates shadow. Fascinating to see a combination of traditional sculpting techniques with innovative thinking.


See sculptures by Nazar Bilyk here

This article is been written in partnership with a young creative from Ukraine.  You can find out more about her on @itsbelleanna. If you are an Ukrainian creative reading this article, we want to support you and feature your work in our blog stories. Reach out to DAOTEY by contacting us here.

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