DAOTEY was born from a need to bring the strength of creativity out. Sonia, the founder, explains the story.

“I spent most of my life ignoring my creativity and selfimposing a different way. Unexpectedly one day I realized that there was a voice inside me turning into a strong need. I needed to do something.

I admire people who have an idea and turn it into a reality. However I did not even have one... One day I was looking for a bag/backpack that I could not find. Suddenly I questioned myself: why can´t I create it?  This is the spark that originated DAOTEY.

As a busy modern woman, trying to get everything done, I wanted to have a special bag that would help me pull through my everyday battles and, at the same time, show my appreciation for distinctive designs that turn everyday items into something special. I took it as mission to create bags that would fulfil modern women’s needs. There are no boundaries for your dreams if you believe in them. Dreams are connected to your essence and they show you the way to be yourself.“

There are no boundaries for your dreams if you believe in them.
Dreams are connected to your essence and they show you the way to be yourself.


I bring emotions in everything I do because emotions are what remainwhile time passes by. Because I happily leave my comfort zone to embark on newadventures, challenges have been a part of my entire life.

Barcelona and Munich are my home. I studied Engineering, worked int he marketing field for many years and as marketing consultant for well-known consumer brands.                                                             

Through the need to develop my creativity I got to know Arts. Through the artist lenses I learned to know a new world full of emotions. Creativity is my way to shape emotions and let them free.                                                    

During a trip to Cambodia, I lived through a situation that made me aware that I could help others.                     

Education for children in need


DAO & TEY are the names of 2 children that I met while they were begging money/food on the streets of Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital. Two small children that lived in poor conditions and knew only the streets as their home.

DAOTEY wants to celebrate and put a face to children who share Dao’s and Tey’s experiences with the purpose of giving them hope for future.

“Hope for Children” is DAOTEY´s fund collaboration with the NGO organisation, Heroes of Uganda, dedicated to delivery education to children in need.


Care, respect and hope are our values. They are what guide us and our work. DAOTEY is made with care, made with respect and made with hope.


Lynette and Klaus used to be my neighbours in Munich until they moved out from the city.  She comes originally from Uganda. They know many families that cannot take their children to school.

They believe that helping them is not so difficult. Heroes of Uganda was founded with the vision to make children heroes, the heroes of Uganda. This is the perfect match to DAOTEY´s endeavour to give hope for children.

As a small organization and with a direct contact to the families in need, we can be reassured that our help will bring immediate hope.

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