Everyday bags, with expressive shapes that speak for themselves! Artistic & functional, elegant & simple, wavy & straight.

Architecture and Arts have conceived structures and shapes to embody cultural identities, depict social changes or reflect a particular state of mind. Connected straight lines and curves or, in essence, sequences of points are the elements to form a specific shape. A geometry with a purpose. A geometry that influences our emotions, and speaks to us.

As part of our mission we want our bags to speak to you through their shape and geometry. To us, each design awakens a particular memory, evokes an emotion or champions a way of thinking. We hope our designs find a place in your heart and touch you the same way they do to us.

For women who go their way

As a woman, I wanted to design bags that mirror modern women and those who feel as such. Women not willing to take compromises, proud to show her feminity and who feel empowered. Glowing outside, fascinating inside.

A statement full of purpose. The principle for a woman´s bag. The outside, even if perceived as simple, will have small details that glare in every occasion. The inside will be structured and practical to manage all eventualities.


Extra safety with the retro flap.
Personal belongings at hand any time.
Neat& Nice with foldable straps.


Extra safety with the retro-flap

You never know what can happen when living in a city with so many people on the go. And carrying your belongings on the back does not feel safe. The JOY BACKPACK offers extra safety measures by hiding the backpack opening on the back of the backpack.

Due to this feature, anyone would have difficulties to access the backpack content without consent when being carried. The retro-flap hides the lock on the back just next to your skin. You can now walk around the city feeling more protected.

Personal belongings at hand at any time

In modern times, having free hands and feel at ease is a plus. Backpacks address these two main benefits, however at the expense of carrying even your most valued belongings on your back with no quick access.

With JOY BACKPACKS your essentials are always at reach even when carrying the backpack on your back, thanks to 2 hidden back-pockets that you can close and open every time you need.

You can easily reach your cell phone, keys or wallet. No need to take off your backpack, just grab your back pocket, and get them.

Neat & nice with foldable straps

Backpacks are frequently placed on the floor or carried on the hand when not been carried on the shoulders. In those occasions, the straps get often tangled up.

You might have found yourself struggling to place them in a way that looks neat and nice. The JOY BACKPACKS have foldable straps thanks to an invisible magnet embedded on each of the straps. You can effortless fold them whenever you do not wear them on your back.

During the creative development we identified the need to have a complement. The ILLUSION Belt Bag & Clutch is our response to this need. Elegant and practical design, the ILLUSION Belt bag is a versatile bag to be worn individually or as a complement of the JOY BACKPACK.

The bag has a magnetic clasp and a zip to prevent even very small items to fall out, so you can carry your essentials wherever you go. Its size fits exactly the back pocket of the JOY BACKPACK, which includes a string to attach it for more safety. Our 2 in 1, for any occasion you need to have a compact solution.


Inspired by a chair at my grandpa´s place, where I spent my childhood summers, the NOSTALGY Handbag is an emotional bag that goes through ups and downs and survive the passing of time. This strength is what the NOSTALGY bag aims to evoke. The strength of an emotional geometry.

To be worn in different ways: as an elegant purse, a cross-body bag or a shoulder bag.